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Tel-Aviv Tower

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The Spine Tel-Aviv

Final major project, 3rd year BA (hons) Architecture at Kingston University.

Tel-Aviv is undergoing a big change, a master plan for the city has been introduced to modernise the city. Each student in our studio has been given a plot of land in an area designated for towers of living accommodation. This is my proposal.

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At the heart of my concept is the idea of fluidity between inside and outside, to have unobstructed views over the mediteranian and the Unesco world heritage site of the Bauhaus White city that sits at the foot of the tower, to achieve this every floor of the tower had to be cantilevered from the core of the building giving the building this very unique sectional view.

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Structural section

This sections shows the internal structure of the cantilevered floor slaps. It was given the green light as a feasible building project by a civil engineer from Arup.

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Site axonometric

the image shows the context of the environment surrounding the tower.

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1:100 model

Made from plaster of Paris.

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All the flats in the building span over two floors and each has a vast balcony as Tel-Aviv enjoys year round warmth and sun, the size of the balconies also act as shade to prevent the interior receiving to much direct sunlight.


Unit of flats

Each unit of flats contains 4 spacious apartments with seamless views over Tel-Aviv


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