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Roll was designed as part of my final major project in Product & Furniture design at the Kingston school of Art.

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The project titled Controlling Light aimed to discover a more intimate way for a user to interact with a light, with the goal of achieving a healthy materialism between object and user, a materialism that encourages the user to cherish there possessions instead of treating them as disposable.


Roll on / off

Roll functions by the user pushing or pulling the lamp from the stem, this causes a large 40mm ballbearing to roll in its base which either engages or disengages a switch turning the light on or off.

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Construction of Roll

Roll is made from black stained Ash timber, hand blown glass, a steel ballbearing and steel stem. The Ash was cut from a single piece of timber using a CNC machine.

Development of Roll


50 Way’s of Light

At the beginning of the project I rapid prototyped 50 ideas of what a light could be, it was from this that the concept of Roll was born.


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