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Patina test


Patina test

I’ve always found patinated copper more interesting than its polished counterpart, so I decided to investigate on ways to speed up the process of patinating copper and brass, for potential use in future projects.


This example is my favourite, it has a smooth coating of verdigris colourd patina on its surface, I then covered it with tape and sandblasted it to expose the raw copper below. I thought I would produce a simple object using this method.

produced by applying copper nitrate onto raw copper with a brush.

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As you can see from this clock face, its harder than I thought to get an even coating of patina on a larger surface area.


This piece of copper was treated with copper nitrate and fire, this speeds the process up to a matter of seconds to achieve a patina but its coating is uneven and flaky.

DSC_0132 2.jpg

Still unsatisfactory, more research required.


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